September 28th. Canada’s National Home Child Day

                       THE LOST CHILDREN .    HOW TO FIND THEM!


                       FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 28th     2pm-4pm

Balsall Heath Children’s Centre, 10 Malvern Street, Balsall Heath, B13 8NN

Since the launch of our project we have been inundated with queries from descendants of migrant children trying to trace their relatives’ history

This FREE Workshop covered:

Information on how to access the vast Middlemore Archives in Birmingham Library.

How to access other research materials: Passenger Lists; Census Data; Birth/Marriage/Death certificates; War Records; Newspaper Articles and useful websites.

Guest Contributors:  Derek Savlin  & Bernie McClean 

 Guest Skyper:    Patricia Roberts-Pichette in Ontario , author of:“Great Canadian Expectations – The Middlemore Experience”.

 Review of the workshop

This was a really memorable event  with attendance from relatives of Middlemore and Canadian connected families.  It was great to hear their stories and special thanks to bernie McClean and Derek Savin.

The skyped conversation with Patricia Roberts-Pichette was amazing. She was able to offer us a lot of help but also was very excited to hear about our  work and celebration in England of the Canada National Day.

Many thanks to all who came.

British Home Child Day 2019

A second performance of the Lost Children Dramatic Lecture was held at St Paul’s Venture, Balsall Heath.

In addition we took part in the Beacon of Light Project which showcased floodlit buildings and bridges across Canada. Here in Birmingham we attempted to light St Martin’s in the Bullring but only succeeded in getting one light to work! Rainwater had fused the rest.
However we did succeed in illuminating the spire of the church at Belbroughton, where John Middlemore is buried.   07836 783571